The Preparations

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The countdown to the start of our Australian adventure is well underway and Miranda and I are looking towards Monday November 30 with nervous anticipation.

The ‘canary’ tear drop is ready for the road, just the final packing to be done and then some towing practice 🙂

The Kitchen

Opulent breakfasts and healthy dinners will emerge from the compact kitchen in the rear of the tear drop.

The Bedroom – approved by Jenny and Daniel

The bedroom, which is slightly smaller than a standard double bed is equipped with a new futon and will be very cosy; we still need to practice rolling over in unison.

The Canvas storage box for Miranda’s artworks in progress

M will be painting as we travel so a box was needed to transport works in progress; might not be pretty, but it does the job!

Car decal

Magnetic decal marketing our blog and donation link

Roof Racks for Spare bikes (come and join us anytime)

We will always have a spare bike so come and ride a few k’s with us anytime, just let us know in advance so the kitchen staff can be notified.

Brochures printed

1000 brochures printed to market our cause – The Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.


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