Day 5 Augusta to Pemberton

While Miranda headed out to the cape Leeuwin Lighthouse to produce her daily artwork I retraced some of yesterday’s pedal strokes northward before turning east towards Pemberton.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Augusta, Graphite on paper, 2015


Friday delivered perfect riding conditions; overcast and cool with the threat of rain that did not eventuate. The scenery was spectacular, transitioning from beachside landscape to thick tree cover and the magnificent karri forests. Many wildflowers were still visible with some fields of kangaroo paw stretching as far as the eye could see.

Kangaroo Paw


There was a lot of evidence of wildfires with regrowth, and also of control burns conducted by Department of Parks and Wildlife. The devastation caused by fire is an ever present threat in forested regions of Australia, especially in the hotter dryer summers we have been experiencing.

Control Burn


I stopped for lunch at Donnelly River Wines and was the only person there enjoying the peaceful view from the comfortable balcony setting overlooking one of the dams. I sampled a couple of reds and purchased a $7 bottle of the Karri 2008 mixed blend because I needed the extra weight to carry :). The winery is for sale if anyone is looking for a vine change.

I arrived at the Pemberton Caravan Park about 3pm and Miranda informed me that when the owners heard we were raising money for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation they refunded our pre-payment in full. They could not have been more helpful, giving advice on the best route to take the next day, suggesting suitable places for Miranda to paint and draw and refusing payment for the ice that we needed for our chilly bin. The location is fantastic and the amenities are very comfortable. Anyone looking for a place to stay in Pemberton should definitely check this place out.


Miranda couldn’t resist buying some fresh water marron from the local farm just up the road for dinner. Apparently they taste better than lobster or crayfish, but I stuck to my vegetarian guns and had a vegie fry up in the well-appointed bush kitchen.

A way to go yet


Heading for Walpole tomorrow, rain expected later in the day…


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