Day 18 Norseman to Fraser Range Sheep Station

Thankfully the temperature has dropped and Steve could sleep in (haha – he never sleeps in, leaps out of bed with the sun most days, and with a smile on his face, go figure!) so he didn’t leave until 8am. After some emailing business I too left the park to go do my daily drawing. A couple of people were kind enough to donate while we were staying at the Gateway Caravan Park – every little bit helps.



I decided on a bit of a townscape this time and settled on the Post Office which is a lovely old stone building, with a view of the corrugated iron camels set up in the roundabout in front of it. I plonked my little three legged camp stool down and got on with it – not the easiest of subjects, but after awhile it started coming together. As with most of these works, it needs more work! As I was sitting there, a fellow came over and introduced himself – a local photographer who is setting up a new gallery on the corner across from the post office, and he invited me to come over once I had finished. I’m glad I did, Lynn Webb’s work is terrific! Check it out here (

departing Norseman

I then rushed off to do some shopping before heading off to find Steve and in my rush managed to forget my little stool, damn, damn, damn! We have left behind a few items as we travel around, but usually it is something as mundane as shower gel. We have plenty of other seats, but this stool was easy for me to transport when I head off with my backpack to paint or draw. Guess we will replace it after we cross the Nullarbor.

Meanwhile Steve was having a great morning’s ride and he gave his legs a workout with the favourable conditions. He was doing so well that by the time I left at around 11 am he was nearly at the Fraser Range Sheep Station park, and had been cooling his heels for about half an hour by the time I arrived around 12. What a great spot! Lovely old stone buildings, formerly shearer’s quarters and cookhouses, they have been transformed into quite luxurious accommodation with fabulous facilities for those camping and caravanning also.

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After lunch we did some blog writing (we seem to spend a lot of time doing that!) and then did some exploring of the property along some of the four walking tracks that they have mapped out and placed markers for guests along. I was looking for a suitable site to do one of my small plein air oil paintings. We were rewarded with many sightings of wallabies and the rather tame galahs that inhabit the area.

The station supplies dinner every night for a fee, and while they offered to do something special for us (porterhouse steak just didn’t appeal to us vego/pesce types), we declined and used the lovely camp kitchen. Mind you, the spread they provided was impressive, and if we had been a day later I would have taken up the seafood platter that was on the menu then!

While we were dining an interesting family arrived that had just driven from the other side of Ceduna – a pretty fair hike for a day. They were pretty hyped after the long day, and chatted away to us about their trip and hydrogen based fuels to run V8s – hmm, can’t say that I really followed that conversation too well, Steve may have to enlighten those that are interested.

As the mercury was predicted to rise to the mid 30s the next day, we hit the sack early so that Steve could head off in the cool morning hours. Back to our pod that we love more and more – it is really a great little home for being on the road.



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