Day 27 Border Village to Koonalda Rest Area

Following our two very relaxing and enjoyable rest days at Border Village, it was time to once again don my cycling gear and pedal east. The location of suitable overnight rest areas dictated that this would be a relatively short 85km day.

After dropping in to bid Geoff farewell, I leave the roadhouse, and its famous kangaroo statue behind.

The terrain is starting to lose all sign of trees and saltbush dots the magnificent plain as far as the eye can see.

20151226_103034I notice a few things on entering South Australia, firstly the shoulder of the road has disappeared and the road verge has become very loose soil and gravely rocks. Getting off the road in a hurry is therefore a bit more treacherous and I raise my alertness level slightly,  grateful there is not much traffic moving on this Boxing Day. Secondly, there is no road kill. Apart from one dead snake, I saw nothing, not even bones. I wonder if SA employs some super contractor that not only moves carcasses from the road, but removes them altogether. I suppose there is just less large life on the treeless plain.

Miranda remained at Border Village working on an acrylic painting of the view from our camp spot and she caught up with me just as I arrived at our chosen rest area for the night.

We selected a spot to leave the pod then drove west for 10km to a lookout overlooking the Great Australian Bight. What a magnificent view! Miranda struggled away, given the extremely windy conditions, on an oil painting while I took some photos and generally scouted around the area, not too close to the unstable cliff edge. There were wombat holes, no doubt the domain of the endangered southern hairy nosed.

20151226_151904As the sun began to sink to the west, we retraced our steps to the pod to prepare our sumptuous evening meal, but first I gave the bush shower another go, this time with it located on top of the car as there were no trees to hang it from – all good!

Another early night; 100kms to Nullarbor roadhouse tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 27 Border Village to Koonalda Rest Area

    1. Oh yes, thank you for the card, it made us laugh 🙂 We have been kept very busy updating the blog, we don’t want to get too far behind! Hope you had a lovely new year Steve and M xx


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