Day 37 Mt Dutton Bay to Tumby Bay

Another fine day with moderate temperature (20 -34 deg C) and a bit of a mixture as far as the wind is concerned. The south easterly was still blowing, though moderated to 20 – 25 km/h, however on this day we pass through Port Lincoln and then head northJ. So the first half of the day was a grind and the second a breeze! Strava link here.

We rose with the sun and following the morning rituals I was ready to head off at about 7:30 while Miranda set up to do a gouache painting of Mt Dutton.

2016-01-05 07.43.05

While she was painting a couple who had seen our car with bikes on it the day before, John and June, came by to donate $50 and Jacqui, the manager of the caravan park who had given us a discount on our camping fee, showed Miranda through the old wool shed and gallery. Thanks all for your generosity! Miranda and I fell in love with Jacqui’s kelpie, Alaska, who had kept us company and entertained the whole time we were there.

Meanwhile I pressed on towards Pt Lincoln, passing a lovely little church, a huge flock (I propose a new collective noun: circus) of galahs and the aptly named big swamp.

I met up with Miranda in Port Lincoln where we attended a radio interview with 5CC announcer Brady who was very interested in what we were doing and planned to air the segment that afternoon. Huge thanks to Darren, 5CC GM, for organising the interview and providing contact details for other regional stations in SA. We also dropped into the Port Lincoln Times office next door for an interview with journalist Olivia; we will post the article once we receive a copy.

[It was a sad day in Port Lincoln, just one day after the Little family tragedy at the wharf]

Riding out of Port Lincoln, I had the benefit of a cycle lane, though I was perplexed that it only operated during certain hours. I rode on regardless

I stopped briefly at the original ‘black stump’ although it was now a black rock as the original stump had been taken out by a bush fire in 2005.

I arrived at Tumby Bay a few minutes after Miranda and after setting up camp we shared a relaxing afternoon with our ‘neighbours’ Rick and Kaye from Berowra.

2016-01-05 14.23.55

Rick was a builder who now trained gyrocopter pilots and Kaye is a teacher who coincidently trained at the University of New England at the same time as Miranda. Miranda and Kaye had a lovely time swapping memories of the district and Uni life, and I learnt a bit about modern gyrocopters.

Screenshot 2016-01-10 16.40.04.png
Rick in a Gyrocoptor (from FB…thanks Rick)

Later that afternoon we rode into town to the local chemist . The pharmacist, Peter Hibble was so attentive and helpful and very interested in what we were doing. He gave us a jar of magnesium powder for our muscle aches and is now following our blog with interest, thanks Peter!

We then rode on to the bakery and chatted with a lovely local couple. Mick was a master’s athletics champion, competing in the 80 – 85 age group, I was amazed because he looked about 60!

We headed back to camp and cooked up a vege stew in the thermi before resting up for the trip to Cowell.


4 thoughts on “Day 37 Mt Dutton Bay to Tumby Bay

  1. Lovely to read about your travels as we have only recently been here ourselves. We camped at Dutton Bay for 3 days and were also thoroughly entertained by Alaska!


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