Days 44 -45 Adelaide

We stayed in Adelaide both to refresh ourselves, and to see if we could drum up some donations for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation by setting up in shopping centres, and on a suitable spot around town. We were hopeful as we have merchandise from the organisation – beanies, caps and cycling buffs (a type of scarf that helps prevent sun exposure on neck and soaks up a bit of head sweat), and some of our own in the form of postcards, posters and tea towels printed with some of my previous artworks.

We put quite a bit of time into organising places to set up and having paperwork permissions and insurances in order prior to arriving, as well as posting to Adelaide cycling groups. Hence we were feeling pretty keen and looked forward to a different fundraising experience. With the Tour Down Under in preparation we thought we would do ok.

On Tuesday 12 Jan we set up a table at a north Adelaide shopping centre in what seemed a pretty good position. It was handy too as we had a some personal shopping that we wanted to do, and this was the place. We were all set up with a newly created advertising board (see main pic) and examples of merchandise by about 10:30 am and took turns looking after the table while each of us undertook our other tasks.

To keep boredom at bay I did a pen and ink drawing of the shopping centre from my point of view – I’m certainly testing my skills in all sorts of conditions! Sadly, the day was just that though, boring. Very few people showed interest in what we were doing, and we are not inclined to be pushy to get donations. By 4 0’clock we were well and truly ready to leave, having collected around $30, about enough to cover our costs! Oh well, it probably would have been better if we had managed to get some media coverage, but we struggle to do it all sometimes.

That evening we enjoyed falafel wraps with Mal and his friend Sam with cricket on the tele keeping everyone entertained.

The next morning we went for a ride to Henley Beach along a rather picturesque bike path along the Torrens River and had breakfast at Joe’s Kiosk on the beach – a very pleasant way to start the day before getting ready for another go at fundraising.

We had arranged a two hour permit to set up a table in town and settled on the pavement outside a bike shop in Rundle St not far from the main mall. If it were not for the very lucky circumstance of one of the bike shop’s employees being a budding photographer/videographer, usually of mountain biking events, coming out and offering to make a video and take photos for us to use as promotion for our trip, it would have been a complete waste of time! Dylan was great and we really appreciate his support – you can check out his stuff here, including the video he made and photos he took of us (check out how we compete for air time – funny).

Again I sketched away to to entertain myself, this time the bike shop window. When it was time to leave we headed over to the Art Gallery and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon wandering through the exhibitions.

Home for a delicious thermie risotto made by Mal, and we had nearly come to the end of our short break in Adelaide. Of course it was also full of clothes washing, cleaning and sorting the car and pod, so all in all it wasn’t all that restful! oh well, we are having another day ‘off’ when we reach Hindmarsh Island tomorrow 🙂

Huge thanks to Mal for being a great host during our stay in Adelaide.



2 thoughts on “Days 44 -45 Adelaide

  1. Just catching up…. Adelaide, what a great place. Did you bump into Bruce Berkley? He is/was going for the HAMR & posting some beautiful shots of Adelaide.


  2. Steve I agree Adelaide is a great place. I visit my daughter at time as wellbut we met finally at the camping sit, Apollo bay later.
    Greets rwin from the Netherlands.


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