Day 3 Bunbury to Yallingup

Near Ludlow Tuart Forest

A few links to get out of the way first,


Strava links to day 1, day 2 and day 3

Live spot satellite tracking (10 min resolution)

And most importantly, the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation donation site

Bunbury all decked out for xmas

Even though we rose quite early, about 6am, time got away on us and I did not start riding until about 11am, when the day was already warm. The route was very pleasant, mostly following the coast and often on dedicated cycle pathways, however the temperature continued to build. First stop was Busselton where preparations for the Ironman event on Sunday 6 September were well advanced. I had seen quite a few contenders out training in the Ludlow tuart forestĀ on their tri bikes, all looking very serious.

ready for the iron men and women


I had covered much of this route during the xmas epic of 2013 which brought back many happy memories for me and, I expect, a few readers of this blog.

I decided to make a detour to Cape Naturaliste to see the light house and to get some hills training in, perhaps not the best decision given the extreme temperature late in the afternoon and the extra distance for my reluctant legs, 142km in all.

Cape Naturaliste Light House
Cape Naturaliste Light House


It was a pleasure to arrive at the Yallingup Caravan Park, located right on the beach, where Miranda had expertly parked the yellow pod and produced a drawing of the windswept landscape.

Windswept trees, Yallingup headland, by Miranda Free
Yallingup Caravan Park


Short day tomorrow, only 94km.



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