Day 7 Walpole to Denmark

Day 7 was cold, windy, wet and generally unpleasant to be on the road. Not much more to be said except I am glad it was relatively short at 81.5km

So much for the ride. On a more positive note, Vincent Free arrived to accompany us for a week or so, and yes Mark, first use of the ‘spare’ cycle. It was his seventeenth birthday and we all went out to Castelli Lodge for a delicious celebratory meal.

Some more rain forecast for tomorrow, though improving throughout the afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Day 7 Walpole to Denmark

    1. Hi Mark, wet weather gear should be Tassie proof, however even with gortex I find I sweat so much that I am just as wet inside as out. keeps the wind out though 🙂
      Yes time flies, he is off to Germany where he can legally drink beer..


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