Day 9 Stirling Range Retreat to Jerramungup


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The Stirling Range Retreat is a beautiful place to stay offering easy access to many walks and climbs in the Stirling Ranges which showcase a wide variety of native plants and animals all in an eco friendly setting. The proprietors were very supportive of our cause and handed us a $50 cheque when we departed.

Stirling Range Retreat


I set off on the pushy a bit after nine, Vinnie needing a day to recover from yesterday’s huge effort, while Miranda drove out to the Bluff Knoll car park and produced a painting of Mt Trio.

Miranda Painting at Bluff Knoll Lookout


Mt Trio from Bluff Knoll Lookout – Miranda Free


For the second day in a row I was blessed with a favourable wind and fine skies which made for easy riding at a good pace and I enjoyed looking at the many wildflowers still in bloom and the large farm machinery busy with the summer wheat harvest.

I had a very pleasant lunch at Ongerup adjacent to some local art works, filled my bidons and pressed on for Jerramungup.

Lunch stop at Ongerup


The Jerramungup caravan park was comfortable and the manager told us that ‘everyone’ stayed there on their way round Australia, including the guy dressed as star wars storm trooper and another fella that had returned from fighting in Iraq and was pushing a cart as he walked to raise funding for soldiers suffering from post traumatic stress disorders.

Jerramungup Caravan Park


We cooked up some vegies o have with our left over dahl in the camp kitchen, watched a bit of TV for the first time in 10 days (an old rerun of Catalyst on the social lives of sharks) and, as has become our custom, turned in for an early night.

Steve on the road to Jerramungup


Heading for Ravensthorpe tomorrow.



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